Safer at Home

Governor DeSantis has issued a “safer at home order” that limits all Florida residents from leaving home unless to obtain or provide an “essential service” or to conduct an “essential activity”. This order will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. April 3 and be in place through April 30, unless extended.


In accordance with the Governor’s authority under Article IV, Section (1)(a) of Chapter 252 of the Florida Constitution he released Executive Order 20-91 (Essential Services and Activities during the COVID 19 Emergency).


The “Safer at Home” order requests that the following take effect immediately:

1. Senior Citizens and individuals with a significant underlaying medical condition SHALL stay at home and take all measures to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

2. All persons in Florida SHALL limit their movements and personal interactions outside their home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities.




· A list detailed by the Department of Homeland Security. If you have questions about whether or not your business is considered essential, please click here.

· A list propounded by EO 20-89 which referred to a list from Miami-Dade County Executive Orders (and amendments) which captures some of the Department of Homeland Security list as it would apply to a municipality.


· Healthcare providers, including, but not limited to, hospitals, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, urgent care centers, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, physical therapists, mental health professionals, psychiatrists, therapists, and pharmacies;


· Grocery stores, farmers’ markets, farm and produce stands, supermarkets, food banks, convenience stores, and other establishments engaged in the retail sale of canned food, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, pet supply, fresh meats, fish, and poultry, and any other household consumer products (such as cleaning and personal care products). This authorization includes stores that sell groceries and sell other non-grocery products, and products necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operations of residences;


· Food cultivation, including farming, livestock, and fishing;


· Businesses that provide food, shelter, social services, and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged or otherwise needy individuals;


· Newspapers, television, radio, and other media services;


· Gas stations and auto-supply, auto-repair, and related facilities;


· Banks and related financial institutions;


· Hardware stores;


· Contractors and other tradesmen, appliance repair personnel, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and other structures;


· Businesses providing mailing and shipping services, including post office boxes;


· Private colleges, trade schools, and technical colleges, but only as needed to facilitate online or distance learning and university, college, or technical college residence halls, to the extent needed to accommodate students who cannot return to their homes


· Laundromats, dry cleaners, and laundry service providers;


· Restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food.


· Schools and other entities that typically provide free food services to students or members of the public may continue to do so on the condition that the food is provided to students or members of the public on a pick-up and takeaway basis only. Schools and other entities that provide food services under this exemption shall not permit the food to be eaten at the site where it is provided, or at any other gathering site;


· Businesses that supply office products needed for people to work from home;


· Businesses that supply other essential businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate, and which do not interact with the general public;


· Businesses that ship or deliver groceries, food, goods, or services directly to residences;


· Airlines, taxis, and other private transportation providers providing transportation services via automobile, truck, bus, or train;

· Home-based care for seniors, adults, or children;


· Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and adult day care centers, and senior residential facilities;


· Professional services, such as legal or accounting services, when necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated activities;


· Landscape and pool care businesses, including residential landscape and pool care services;


· Childcare facilities providing services that enable employees exempted in this Order to work as permitted. To the extent possible, childcare facilities should operate under the following mandatory conditions:

o Childcare must be carried out in stable groups of 10 or fewer (inclusive of childcare providers for the group).

o Children and childcare providers shall not change from one group to another.

o If more than one group of children is cared for at one facility', each group shall be in a separate room. Groups shall not mix or interact with each other.


· Businesses operating at any airport, seaport, or other government facility, including parks and government offices;


· Veterinarians and pet boarding facilities, Pet supply stores;


· Logistics providers, including warehouses, trucking, consolidators, fumigators, and handlers;


· Telecommunications providers, including sales of computer or telecommunications devices and the provision of home telecommunications;


· Provision of propane or natural gas;


· Office space and administrative support necessary to perform any of the above listed activities;


· Open construction sites, irrespective of the type of building;


· Architectural, engineering, or land surveying services;


· Factories, manufacturing facilities, bottling plants, or other industrial uses;


· Waste management services, including collection and disposal of waste;


· Any business that is interacting with customers solely through electronic or telephonic means, and delivering products via mailing, shipping, or delivery services


· Gas stations, new and used automobile dealerships and auto-supply, auto-repair, and related facilities provided however that such businesses should ensure that customers practice the social distancing as advised by the CDC


· Private and municipal marinas docking, fueling, marine supply and other marina services specifically for the following reasons (not inclusive):

o Allow any person with a commercial saltwater license issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to enter marinas for commercial fishing purposes only.

o Marina supply and fueling stations necessary to support commercial fishing purposes may remain open to the extent of such support.

o Support patrol, enforcement, and rescue activity by federal, state and local government agencies.


· Hotels, motels, other commercial lodging establishments and temporary vacation rentals. Notwithstanding the foregoing, restaurants, bars, and fitness center restrictions within these establishments.


· Mortuaries, funeral homes, and cemeteries


· The sale of alcoholic beverages is authorized


· Firearm and ammunition supply stores.


· Businesses providing services to any local, state, or Federal government, including municipalities, pursuant to a contract with such government.


Hair and Nail Salons have been shut down by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


Telework and take-out services are also classified as essential services.


Social gathering in a public place is not a social activity and local jurisdictions shall ensure that groups of people greater than ten are not permitted to congregate in any public place.


This Executive Order currently remains in effect until April 30, 2020.


Ormond Beach Updates:



The City of Ormond Beach is coordinating with all of our community partners while closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation for our area. City staff is continuously assessing and adapting emergency plans for COVID-19 and is implementing mitigation strategies to slow the transmission of the disease, in particular to protect individuals at increased risk for severe illness, including older adults and those with underlying health conditions, as well as the healthcare of critical infrastructure workforces.


The City is being proactive and following CDC and Florida Department of Health (FDOH) recommendations and guidelines in preparation for potential cases of COVID-19. While our City is functioning as normal, we are working hard to ensure emergency plans are in place.


The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America:


1) Listen to and follow the directions of your state and local authorities.


2) If you feel sick, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your medical provider.


3) If your children are sick, keep them at home. Do not send them to school. Contact your medical provider.


4) If someone in your household has tested positive for the coronavirus, keep the entire household at home. Do not go to work. Do not go to school. Contact your medical provider.


5) If you are an older person, stay home and away from other people.


6) If you are a person with a serious underlying health condition that can put you at increased risk (for example, a condition that impairs your lung or heart function or weakens your immune system), stay home and away from other people.


7) Even if you are young, or otherwise healthy, you are at risk and your activities can increase the risk for others. It is critical that you do your part to stop the spread of the coronavirus:

a. Work or engage in schooling from home whenever possible.

b. If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule. You and your employers should follow CDC guidance to protect your health at work.

c. Avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people.

d. Avoid eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, and food courts – use drive-thru, pickup, or delivery options.

e. Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits.

f. Do not visit nursing homes or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance.


8) Practice good hygiene:

a. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.

b. Avoid touching your face.

c. Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.

d. Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.


Everyone has a role to play to reduce transmission of #COVID19. CDC recommends social distancing to help prevent the spread of disease. This means avoiding crowded places, staying home when possible, and maintaining at least a 6-foot distance from others.


As recommended by the FDOH, if you think you may have COVID-19 or are showing any symptoms, please call your doctor or local hospital before you go in. For any questions or concerns you may have regarding COVID-19, FDOH has a call center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-779-6121 or email at


Here are the preventative steps the City is currently taking:



• Additional hand sanitizing stations have been added throughout city facilities for employee and public use.

• Cleaning supplies have been distributed to departments to clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces.

• Professional cleaning and disinfectant services are scheduled prior to any public meetings.

• Professional cleaning and disinfectant services for city facilities are being increased in frequency.


Community Event Cancellations

To support Federal, State, and County efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, encourage social distancing measures, and to strongly encourage that gatherings of 10 or more people not take place within the city to protect the health and safety of our residents, the City of Ormond Beach has extended the date of closures for all city-sponsored athletics and any public or private events/activities at city facilities to April 20, 2020. We will continue to evaluate these closures as the situation evolves.


All recreational facilities, including but not limited to the Environmental Discovery Center, the Casements, Performing Arts Center, Nova Community Center, Sports Complex, South Ormond Neighborhood Center, Senior Center, Ormond Memorial Art Museum, and the MacDonald House will remain closed during this time.


Our city parks and trails remain open. To encourage social distancing, we have closed a select number of areas deemed high-traffic: All playgrounds, Nova Recreational Center along with the adjacent pavilions, all splash pads, fitness equipment at Fortunato Park, and the Limitless Playground at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex.


Beach Access:

Volusia County has closed down all beach access except for recreational activity. Andy Romano Beachfront Park and all parking and restrooms have been closed.


Employee Travel

• Employee meetings will be evaluated and may be cancelled or conducted by phone.

• Employee attendance at outside meetings and conferences will be will be cancelled through April 3, 2020. Travel beyond this date will be reevaluated.

• Employees with personal travel plans (international and cruises) are required to report dates and locations to human resources so that preventative measures can be taken, as outlined by the CDC.


Employee Wellness

• Employees displaying flu-like symptoms will be required to stay home and return to work once cleared by a physician.

• Employees that test positive for COVID-19 will be allowed to return to work after testing negative for the virus according to CDC guidelines.

• Information on the importance of hand washing and/or using hand sanitizers, and staying home when sick have been shared with all employees and posted in facilities.

• All departments are developing plans to continue essential services should a large number of employees be effected by the virus.


Thank you for helping keep our employees and community safe. We will continue to provide updates regarding city facilities and services and appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.


Volusia County Closures and Cancellations


Volusia County Public Information Network


At this time, all Ormond Beach city departments are fully staffed and the city is operating under its normal business hours. Our primary focus is to maintain a safe workplace and encourage and adopt practices to protect the health of all employees, customers, visitors, and others. We want to ensure the continuity of business operations while minimizing the threat of CODVID-19 spreading in our community. The City of Ormond Beach has City Hall open and operating but we are currently restricting walk-in service. Please call 386-677-0311 to contact a specific department.


The majority of the walk-in service is customers wanting to pay their utility bill. There are many ways to pay a utility bill without visiting City Hall including paying by phone at 386-676-3209, dropping off a payment in the depository in the City Hall parking lot, and online at:


Due to the recent health advisories, we are encouraging customers to take advantage of our online services, email, & phone resources. Visit for more info.


- Water Bill payments

- Building Permits & Inspections

- Business Tax Receipts

- Recreation Programs

and more.

Public Meetings

The Ormond Beach City Commission will be holding a special virtual City Commission meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. In order to follow federal, state, and local guidelines regarding public gatherings, and to protect residents, staff, and elected officials due to the COVID-19 virus, this meeting will be conducted virtually through communications media technology and not in a physical location.


The meeting will be streamed live on the city’s YouTube account. A link to watch live at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, will be provided on this page prior to the meeting.


Residents can also call in and listen to the meeting in the following manner: Dial one of the following numbers: 1-929-205-6099; 1-312-626-6799; 1-301-715-8592; 1-346-248-779; 1-669-900-6833; or 253-215-8782. Use Webinar ID: 609 760 647 Password: 940057. Click this link to listen to the Zoom Webinar, using the information provided.


The meeting recording will be available online the day following the meeting at this link.


How to Make Comments on Agenda Items for the April 14, 2020 Special Virtual City Commission Meeting


The City Commission welcomes public comment on agenda items. Members of the public can make remote submissions of comments on any item on the meeting agenda. Comments on an agenda item may be submitted the following ways:


Through an online form: The form is available at You will be asked to provide your name, address, and identify the agenda item you are commenting on.

By fax: You may send your comment via fax to (386) 676-3330. Please provide your name, address, and identify the agenda item you are commenting on in your facsimile.

By written comment: If you’d like to submit a written comment, rather than comment online, you may deposit your written comment in the utility drop box in the parking lot at City Hall. Please make sure to clearly label your submission as an agenda item comment for the April 14 City Commission meeting agenda. Please provide your name, address, and identify the agenda item you are commenting on in your correspondence. You may also send comment via U.S. mail to the City Clerk at 22 S. Beach Street, Ormond Beach, FL, 32174.

Agenda item comments submitted through one of the above provided means before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 13, 2020, will be provided to the City Commission prior to the meeting and made part of the official meeting record. Comments on agenda items submitted after 5:00 p.m. on April 13, 2020, but before the conclusion of the Commission meeting, will be provided to the City Commission following the meeting.


Please note that the equivalent of three minutes of each submitted comment will be included the record. Only comments on items on the agenda will be made a part of the meeting record. Any comments regarding items not on the agenda will be directed to the appropriate department for handling after the meeting.

Where can I get more information about coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Visit the Florida Department of Health's dedicated COVID-19 web page at This remains the best and most up-to-date resource for information and guidance regarding COVID-19 in Florida. For any other questions related to COVID-19 in Florida, contact the department's dedicated COVID-19 Call Center by calling 866-779-6121 or emailing The call center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the county health department doing to respond to coronavirus?

The Florida Department of Health is working closely with the patients, potential close contacts of each case and health care providers to isolate and monitor persons who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and implement testing of anyone who may develop COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough and shortness of breath.


How the health department traces contacts of COVID-19 cases:

Contact tracing can contain infectious disease outbreaks [PDF]


Should I be tested? [PDF]


How do I know if I have coronavirus? [PDF]

What are Volusia County officials doing?

Volusia County Government is actively engaged in continual meetings and situational updates with state and local officials regarding coronavirus. Volusia County’s Division of Emergency Management is working closely with the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, Volusia County Schools, governmental agencies and partnering counties. Volusia County continues to collaborate with the FDOH by sharing information and monitoring what’s happening in other affected counties.


To aid in the prevention of spreading coronavirus, it comes down to one’s individual responsibility such as taking everyday preventive actions to help stop the spread of germs. The single most important steps in preventing transmission of coronavirus are washing your hands, avoid touching your face, and staying at home when you’re sick.

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